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Designated Recipient (“Gift”) Subscriptions

It is also possible to subscribe to the project and to designate that the two monthly prints are sent to someone else. In this case, both the person initiating the subscription and the person receiving the prints are part of the project, though their participation obviously differs somewhat from that of the standard subscriber. The subscription initiator (or “giver”) has decided to be involved with the project effectively as a benefactor of the person whom they designate to receive the prints (“designated recipient”). The designated recipient becomes involved with the project without initially choosing to be a part of it and perhaps without any prior knowledge of the project at all.

If you wish to subscribe as a giver, you should use the “designated recipient” pricing structure:

Subscription Monthly Cost for Cost for
Level Rate 8 Months 12 Months
Splendid sponsor$10$80$120
Prized patron$30$240$360
Brilliant benefactor$100$800$1,200
Phenomenal philanthropist$500$4,000$6,000
Awesome altruist$1,000$8,000$12,000

Note that these subscription terms are currently only available for periods of 8 or 12 months.

The giver must provide the name, full mailing address, and email address of the designated recipient as well as the same information for themselves. The mailing address of the designated recipient (only) should be used to determine whether the additional international postage fee is necessary (currently $2.50 per month).

The names of the giver and designated recipient are linked during their joint participation in the project; usually they will be listed with the giver's name following the name of the designated recipient; when city and state information is listed, such information will be given for both parties.

Upon subscription, the designated recipient will receive an email informing them of their joint participation in the project with their giver. The designated recipient has the option of immediately withdrawing from the project, in which case they will be considered to have never been a part of the project as a result of this subscription, and their name will not appear anywhere in connection with this subscription to the project (though the name of the giver will still appear). No prints will be sent to them either as a result of this subscription; instead the corresponding two prints each month (for the duration of the subscription) will be sent to a recipient (or recipients) of the artist's choosing, creating, in effect, a joint subscription between giver, artist, and artist's chosen recipient(s).

The designated recipient may also request anytime during their subscription term to discontinue their participation in the project through this subscription; in this case their name will continue to appear in connection with the project for the time that they did participate in it, and any remaining prints for the duration of the subscription will be handled as explained above in the case when a designated recipient immediately withdraws from the project.

In either situation, the giver will be notified of the withdrawal from the project by the designated recipient, though they do not have the option of specifying a new designated recipient; to do so, they would have to create a separate subscription for that purpose. No refunds will be made.

If a designated recipient is already a current subscriber to the project, they may choose to remain a subscriber both individually and also jointly with their giver, in which case they will receive two prints from each edition twice each month during the period in which they are part of both subscriptions (one sent to them, and the other sent to them with the name of the giver also included). Alternately, they may choose to designate a different recipient for the joint, given subscription if they do so immediately upon being informed of the existence of this new subscription (the name, mailing address, and email address of the different designated recipient must also be provided immediately). A different designated recipient with an international mailing address may only be chosen if the original designated recipient also has an international mailing address (so that the additional international postage fee has already been paid).

Procedures outlined above would be followed for notifying the different designated recipient, and they would have the same options and conditions as the original designated recipient. Ad infinitum. (Note that multiple levels of different designated recipients may delay the activation date of the subscription substantially.)

When a subscription term is coming to an end, it is recommended that the giver and designated recipient communicate about their wishes regarding renewing the subscription. The giver has the option of resubscribing using the most current designated recipient pricing (and the designated recipient retains the option of discontinuing their participation at any time). The designated recipient might instead choose to subscribe themselves in the standard way (not as part of a joint subscription with their giver). And of course the giver might choose to subscribe themselves in the standard way (if they had not done so already).

A giver may create as many joint subscriptions with different designated recipients as they desire. However, for the purposes of the active phase threshold of the project, a giver will only be counted once toward the minimum number of subscribers, no matter how many joint subscriptions they have created or whether they are also subscribing in the standard way themselves. The total cost of all their subscriptions will, however, be fully included in the minimum revenue requirements for keeping the project in an active phase.

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