Jennifer Lanski
COVID-19 Response
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Dear Friends,

In light of the metaphorical darkness of these times, I wish to announce my latest, experimental art project:

Beginning March 19, and each day thereafter* (for as long/short as this disruption lasts), I will work for (at least) 19 minutes on a project*, and post an image of the visual evidence of that stage in the process for you to see (by 9 pm PDT)*, for free, here on my website:

(*I hope: all plans subject to change in our rapidly shifting reality)

Though galleries, museums, and other cultural institutions are physically closed, creativity and cultural production continue, and can continue to be shared.

The images from previous days will be archived on the page, so you don’t need to worry if you do not visit the site each day, but of course you may!

Comments are always welcome. And as with any work in progress, please remember the adage: don’t judge a work until it’s finished! (And then don’t judge too harshly—this is a new direction, and I plan to experiment, learn, grow, and hopefully have a little fun in there somewhere.)

Feel free to share with anyone you think might, possibly, be interested.

– Jennifer

7.8.20 ← (→ to be created)

Enya tonight and thoughts of an old art project, but no number system here   3” × 8”   india ink on glassine paper